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Speed Spanner

This tool has a main ratchet drive rated at 120ft/lb and a clip-on lever that provides a 180 degree rotation of the ratchet wheel with each operation.

For changing direction of rotation, simply push the 3/8' square drive to the other side of the tool. For changing sockets, the square drive has an anti pull-out system. However the square drive can be pulled out (against a slightly stronger ball spring) from one side of the tool (for inserting other attachments).

The clip-on lever can give you up to 12 times more torque, than you can achieve with finger tightening and is typically more that you need. The torque starts at about 4 times and steadily increases as the lever is squeezed closer to the handle and yes by operating the lever from half way in, you will start with 8 times the torque you can achieve with hand tightening and gain almost a 90 degree turn.

The pull rod is lightly spring loaded in order to return the lever to its extended position and can be operated rapidly.

If the extension handle is not required, it can be quickly unclipped and the lever assembly can then be clipped onto the tool (as in the box below).

The small black lever, just beyond the square drive and 2 rivets, is there as a means to disconnect the ratchet pawls should freewheel ever be needed.

This product has a 3 year warranty.


$ 198.00 AUD

Speed Tools Speed Spanner 3/8" drive with extension handle. 

Price includes shipping (airfreight) door to door.


Air gun - Powerful - Variable - New model (More power, more robust)

The purpose of this tool is to provide extra cleaning power and is achieved through a simple reliable valve, where a roller presses down on a rubber hose to regulate the air from zero to full flow.

When fully open the air flow is not restricted by typical valve ports, resulting in a higher performance, with a fine control for cleaning carburettor jets etc. 

Made from 304 stainless steel and now with a 5/16" ss tube nozzle, jetted to a 5mm bore.

The rubber hose is now toughened with a recommended  operating range of 20 to 250 psi. Designed for home workshops or general industrial use.

This product has a one year warranty.

Speed Tools International Safety Standards

For air guns:

Maximum working pressure: 250psi.

Static Hydraulic Test Pressure: 750psi.

Actual point of failure: 900 to 1,000psi.

Want more than one, email us: speedtools@xtra.co.nz

ST-AB 115

$ 55.00 AUD

Speed Tools Air Blower 115 mm nozzle.

Price includes shipping (airfreight) door to door.


Spot-weld chisel (Large)

This chisel, along with the medium and small chisels below, have been made for cutting panel spot welds usually after drilling.

To avoid causing excessive distortion while separating panels, the blade at the tip is thinned to 2mm's thick and is 22mm's wide.

This large chisel has a 50mm long side cutter to provide an alternative approach in cramped situations.

Length: 310mm.

Typical feed back on all of these chisels: ---"a good edge holder".

One year warranty. 


$ 49.95 AUD

Speed Tools Spot-Weld Chisel 22mm wide.

Price includes shipping (airfreight) door to door.

Spot-weld chisel (Medium) 

This chisel has a blade tip of 2mm's thick and 17mm's wide and is typically used where the large chisel is too wide to get into some situations.

Length: 300mm.

One year warranty.


$ 39.95 AUD

Speed Tools Spot-Weld chisel 17mm wide.

Price includes shipping (airfreight) door to door.


Spot-weld chisel (Small)

This chisel has a blade tip of 2mm's thick and 12mm's wide and is typically used in places like roof gutters where the wider chisels are not suitable.

Length: 280mm.

One year warranty.


$ 34.95 AUD

Speed Tools Spot-Weld Chisel 12mm wide.

Price includes shipping (airfreight) door to door.



Hinge Pin Puller

Made from stainless steel and high carbon steels, this tool is intended for Holden's, Ford's etc, and designed for dealing with stubborn or rusted door pins.

It has two 3/16" draw screws made from heat treated silver steel, one 80mm long for four door vehicles and one 90mm long for two door vehicles.

To use, simply install the draw screw into the hinge pin, connect the tool to it and on the 1/2" AF bolt head (which is a 5" long draw bolt assembly) at the other end of the tool, apply about 5 or 10 ft/lb (not excessive pressure) and with a soft or wooden drift and small hammer, strike the hinge mid-section.

The shock and tension together will break the rust seal and the frozen pin will become easy to draw out without overly stressing the 3/16" draw screw.

Length: 400mm.

One year warranty.  


$ 189.95 AUD

Speed Tools Hinge Pin Puller.

Price includes shipping (airfreight) door to door.



This tool is intended for commonly used panel steels and offers an alternative approach to shrinking and stretching operations.

The jaws enable the manufacturing of intricate shapes like window corners, while also suitable for simple shapes like guard or roof sections etc.

As shown the handle is inserted into a cam and swings behind the tool for closing the jaws and in this case the jaws will "shrink" the work piece.

To stretch the work piece, you simple lift the jaws out, flip them around and re-insert them into the inner set of grooves and you are ready to go.

The feet can be turned upside down for vice mounting.

This product has a one year warranty.

Not available

$ 330.00 AUD

Speed Tools Shrinker & Stretcher.

Price includes shipping (airfreight) door to door.


Door Skin Peeler

This is a two stage tool intended to make door skin peeling easier and door skin edges in close proximity to vertical door frame sections more accessible as seen below.

Simply hook the sharp edge of the skin lifter blade under the skin and strike the ring where indicated with a small hammer. This will enable you to lift the skin up high enough where you can then use the peeler at the other  end of the tool, to peel the skin out.

Length: 280mm.

One year warranty.


$ 39.95 AUD

Speed Tools Door Skin Peeler.

Price includes shipping (airfreight) door to door.


Door/Boot Stay

The purpose of this tool is to provide an extendable support between latch and striker while working on doors and boot lids.

For extending, it has a spring loaded button and six positions to chose from.

The long hook at the top is for connecting to the latch and the short hook at the bottom is threaded for anchoring onto the striker.

Made from 304 stainless steel.

Adjustable lengths between hooks: 375mm to 610mm.

One year warranty.


$ 49.95 AUD

Speed Tools Door/Boot Stay 375mm.

Price includes shipping (airfreight) door to door.


Chuck Key

This tool came about  through drill slippage with drill chucks in high use situations and in particular when using large diameter drill bits supplied with stepped down shanks. For example,  1" drill bit with 1/2" shank.

With only a standard chuck key, a new drill chuck will usually grip the shank of a stepped drill no problem, but after a short while and a few accidental slippages the chuck jaws lose their ability to bite so well and more slippage follows.

It can then become a struggle to sufficiently tighten the chuck with a standard key and it is here where the Speed Tools chuck key below becomes popular.

With much less effort this (hard to lose) key makes changing drill bits a breeze.

To use, simply insert the key into the chuck, apply some upward pressure in order to ensure the gears engage fully, and turn.

Suitable for 1/2" and 5/8" drill chucks (Drill presses, lathes etc).

This product has a one year warranty.

Not available

$ 34.95 AUD

Speed Tools Chuck Key for 1/2" & 5/8" drill chucks.

Price includes shipping (airfreight) door to door.